Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A global currency?

"Cutting future borrowing costs means raising productivity — either through layoffs or wage cuts or both. None of those choices is likely to win much support on Election Day."

That is the answer.
The decision is made "there where they can what they want".
Talking about it is just talking a lot for saying nothing.
Would it be a good thing?
I think it would, at least it would be an answer to the request of a serious and trustable global commitment, to build a strongly based economy.
How can you sell "I owe you" in a currency that in a very near future could lower the value of the lending something like 50%.
It takes an intelligent fool to understand that an investment is worth when it has a fixed value and fixed revenues.
All the rest is just speculation.
But we have a lot of just fool fools...
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