Thursday, April 23, 2009

I live in East Germany, in a real "DDR" house, in a real "DDR" town

My House

I, daughter of Capitalism, have deliberately chosen an EX DDR town to live.
OK, we are talking about EX, and what is better than something that provides you with the best of BOTH ideologies?

Even though my personal view is still that Capitalism and Liberalism are definitely the best ideologies, at least they bring the best results to societies, I must say that, especially in periods when Capitalism has shown its real face, the Communist way of living had its advantages.
In DDR times ALL were poor (with the exception of course of the few who ruled), but ALL had a job and ALL had a house.
I am talking about East Germany (Russia was and certainly still is much worse).
And, as the wall fell, there were the many who took advantage of it and a few who are definitely much worse off than before.
I guess one shouldn’t under evaluate the feeling that tomorrow doesn’t look brighter, but doesn’t look darker too, and this is something the millions unemployed understand.
Their home was nothing fancy and nothing comfortable and nothing close to what one could dream, but it was a good roof, and more than anything it was a "guaranteed" roof.
Working was nothing like we are used to, especially the ones who work for a private.
The salary was far from what one could dream, but you had no stress.
What you couldn’t do today, you could finish tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Since nothing really worked, why bother to do more?

I talked to somebody some time ago.
He has a good job now, a very well paid job, and I guess he wouldn’t go back, but he has his memories of a time in which girls loved you for what you were, not what you had.
Also this is a great part of life.
When you have nothing you ARE and not HAVE.
You are important for what you are.
In a system one would think individualism doesn’t exist, individuals count.
They were numbers for the system, but people for the people.

As for me.
I love this town, because I am a nostalgic at heart.
And if you like old towns, there is nothing older than a town which is exactly how it was, roads, parks included.
My house is a 16th century house, still(mostly) as it was when it was built.
They just did the necessary to keep it standing and that makes it unique.
Well, they of course knew how to build houses at that time. It lasted 500 years and still has a lot more than a newly built one.

It needs some painting and some new pipes. But that is all.
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