Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Light is life

Since light is life and life is getting expensive, a good way to save and have the same is choosing lamps and lights that do not consume and give you what you need.
This is one field where technology really can make a difference, in saving and in effects.
I like to play with interior design.
I like to have a comfortable house because I live in it most of my day and I also like to have a nice environment where to work and spend my free time.
I think that the most important when you decorate a room is choosing the right light.
My house is surprisingly much better in the evenings than with daylight.
The reason is that while you can choose the lamps you usually cannot choose the sun light, unless you are lucky to be able to plan a house and build it.
So...if your furniture and your house are very modern and you want to give them a designer’s touch, why not playing with colors?
Have you ever saw how different the same room can look in one colored light instead of a plain white?
A fluorescent light could be the right choice for this purpose.
And it is quite cheap, of course if you know where to buy it at a bargain price.
If for a home it is wise to use energy saving lights, for Shop Work Lights or any working place lights it becomes a must.
There you need very often light also during the day and you can really reduce enormously your electricity bill just choosing the right lamps.
I personally prefer LED Lights and do not dislike Halogen Flood Lights.
They are practical, ready to use and energy saving, besides giving the right amount of light you need.
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