Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tell me where you come from and I will tell you who you are

You are what you are because the place were you were born made you so.
Of course you still have slightly differences between two individuals, but if you understand a Nation you understand his people and of course understanding the one is understanding the whole.
Till now they have (successfully)used psychology for marketing uses, but if the same science would be applied for diplomacy and even worse for the strategy of a war?
I guess the results would be what one wouldn’t expect.
There is a movie I saw recently, may be two, that perfectly caught the meaning of what the director wanted to show: how certain things happened, happen and will happen.
Independently form ideologies.
Same patterns, valid for Communism and Capitalism.
What is really inside of an ideology and why any ideology, good or bad is none of the two, because when it becomes men is reality and reality is ALWAYS the same soup.
That is why elections are like a mathematical additions, you can change the order, but the result is always the same.

In this case (The life of the others) you have the perfect in personification of the German school product.
He has to do what he is ordered to do and in the best way.
He doesn’t forget anything and does all in twenty minutes.
Because that is the time requested.
He is the perfect Personal Computer.
Precision like a machine, with the touch of the human mind, which goes further and far beyond that simple mathematic.
That is the final touch.
What could have been and what is not, because man’s brain is definitely NOT a computer.
This is also the ideals destiny.
When ideals become human, they loose the followers.
That is what happened for both: Communism and Capitalism.
In the beginning they had followers among people who really believed and people who believed for convenience.
But when both follow the reality patterns, where what counts is the "members" of the party or the "monopolists" in the system, people open their eyes and it is a slow procedure, but it gets more powerful with time, till becoming an avalanche that destroys all, save slowly building a new ideology that will involve the wrong humans and things will go on and on in the same way.
That is what History is...
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