Monday, April 27, 2009

Deep packet inspection

It can be used (by ISPs) to detect and prevent spam and malware, and protect subscribers against invasions of their home computers. It can identify packets that contain viruses or worms that will trigger denial of service attacks; and it can proactively prevent so-called Trojan horse 5 infections from opening a user’s PC to hackers and surreptitiously transmitting identity information to the sender of the virus.
But it also can show viewers different ads based on information the cable systems have about them. "These would be based on information about groups — say, dog owners — not individual people".

But how can we be sure?
Deep packet inspection can be used also for "selling" informations about customers.
I personally prefer to pay an antivirus and protect myself than selling my privacy for a "free" detection of spam and malware.
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