Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell me what you wear and I´ll tell you who you are

As weird as it can sound, that is the truth.
If you say: I do not care a bit about clothes...well that is exactly who you are, by the way you look...
I personally care...because I perfectly know that in a world where at first sight you are what you look, it is very important not to look shabby.
You do not necessarily need to look like a model or like an actress.
You need your style and the more personal the better.
So that, when they look at you, they see something different and possibly pleasant...
In order to accomplish that, I always choose simple, nice looking, easy to wear clothes.
That is my style and that is what I look.
Because, if I wanted to wear things that do not fit me, I would simply look like somebody who wants to be what she is not.
My favorite place is (the name says it all) Simply be.
They have the best selection, from top to bottom, from Tops to Footwear and being all the same style, you can mix and match...
They also have a great selection of Large Ladies Clothing.
Just in case you are Large and you want to look thin...or at least pleasurably large...which is even better...
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