Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Telecoms way to impose new Monopolies

"Cocomms: Finnet Starts a Major Paradigm Shift in Computing – Involving Largest Local and Global System Suppliers HELSINKI, Finland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Finnet Association announced a project being prepared in collaboration with Finnish and international information industry players on 17 April 2009. The project involves the largest local and global system suppliers. Investments in the project are estimated to EUR 1 billion over the next ten years only for Finnet Group. The model is expected to spread globally.

The project aims at bringing 100-megabits and faster connections to homes and desktops, making personal computers obsolete. This is the world's first project where the operator aims to virtualise users’ computers and will provide the whole desktop as a service. The project has been named Supermatrix."

I guess the only nice thing is the name.
Which of course has nothing to do whith intentions and project.
Who would be that stupid in a time in which PCs are relatively cheap to give up his privacy to get back may be a good monthly fee (somebody has to pay) to store his personal life in a computer owned by something like a Telecom?

I know that there are a lot of stupids, but not THAT stupid...
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