Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not everything that is fashion can be nice, and not everything that can be nice is fashion.

I have reached the age when comfort comes before fashion, and I still remember the time in which nice looking came before everything, even before wear ability.
What about those stiletto shoes so impossible and so uncomfortable that the best moment of your day was the one you could take them off?

The good thing of today’s fashion is that everything is fashionable and you can look nice and still be able to walk.
My favorite shoes are boots.
And my favorite boots are the ones below the knees.
In Winter something like the Ugg ultra tall .
They are very warm because made with genuine sheepskin from Australia, very comfortable because easy, on-off fit, ultra molded rubber and they look even very nice on me!
In Spring I prefer something rubber, like the hunter type.
They are unbeatable with rain and very comfortable.
And in Summer?
Heat allowing, I love the Frye Carson pull on.
I love the antiqued soft full-grain leather and of course the cushioned leather insoles.
Besides, I love to walk and what is better for walking than a nice and comfortable pair of boots?
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