Monday, April 06, 2009

What comes now?

"Mr. Obama heads to Europe now where official hostility is rising against the Anglo-American method of pounding monetary sand down the rat-holes of “non-performing” debt, bankrupt enterprise, and bubble-levitated bonds." JK

Mr. Obama came and went back, leaving behind nothing that was not there before.
During the times of the plague in Italy there was an obsessive effort to find the guilty ones and many died for it.
Of course innocent people, found guilty of spreading the disease painting on walls an indefinable substance that would lead to the Plague.

That usually happens when things go wrong.
When they go well we are ready to assume that it is our doing, while when things go wrong it is always somebody else’s fault.
Just like the syphilis, called in Italy the "Mal Franzese" and in France "the Napoli´s illness".

I guess that the exchange of weak credits and bankruptcy bonds did nothing else than accelerate an end that would have come sooner or later.
Because you cannot live on somebody else’s job and think it will last forever.
You cannot live forever on debts thinking you will never be asked to pay back and if you are asked it cannot last forever that you make new debts to pay the old ones.
Sooner or later you will have to face the sad reality that after you borrowed your present, your future and what comes after your future, you can´t go on living on borrowing.

That is what the new present Messiahs promise: we will make it.
We still have to see a credible way to make it.
Making new debts is really the last thing a reasonable and intelligent president should avoid.
But we do not have any more reasonable and intelligent presidents.
We have people who are good in counting votes and have understood that it doesn´t pay off to tell the truth.
My question is: are they ready for the inevitable consequences?
I mean, when everybody, even the stupidest will understand that nothing changes if you do not leave the wrong road.

Any intelligent fool can spend more making bigger debts. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.
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