Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our economy like an axe in the hands of pathological criminals

"We'll soon find out whether an organism the size of the United States can run an economy based on one family selling the contents of its garage to the family next door." JK

This is a very clear and faithful description of the world economy, where the US represents the family who has the garage sale and the rest of the World the family who buys junk.
It worked as long as the one who bought junk could pretend it was antiques.
When buyers saw the value of what bought the Whole economical ground fell, like houses in an earthquake.
You see the afterward destruction and you cannot believe that so "strong looking" buildings could in reality be so weak.
We bought houses "earthquake proof" and we got rubbish that fell at the first shock.

But the biggest cheating is in pretending and believing that we can go on this road.
The only thing to do is collecting the rubbish in the garage, dispose of it and learn our lesson.
If that involves less Macholidays or less portable phones or less Macwhatever I guess we should welcome it.
Less stupidity and a little bit more education would just mean a better world.
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