Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why are we hear on Earth?

“By the interbreeding criterion every individual is a member of the same species as its parents… In the Devonian Period our direct ancestors were fish. Yet, although we couldn’t interbreed with them, we are linked by an unbroken chain of ancestral generations, every one of which could have interbred with their immediate predecessors and immediate successors in the chain.”

This is a fact that always fascinated me.
As for evolution or creation, we cannot establish which is right or which is wrong.
My theory which would explain what something which evolved from is not able to interbreeding with: What if we admit both theories?
That once millions or billions there was an evolution somewhere else we do not know, then the human species evolved so much as to be able to "clone" itself, reproducing what they were and giving to ANY species a certain DNA code which the species would transmit to the new born and would riel borate making millions of similar, but not identical individuals.
This would fit with the theory of the creation.
God made man just like himself and sent him on the earth with all other animals and living creatures to work and evolve.
Our mission will be finished when we will reach and achieve the goals we were made for.
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