Thursday, November 22, 2007

The color of humankind...

Blending of all peoples together, or even proposing that it be done, is a mark of extreme hubris and human arrogance. And it's wrong; it would destroy real diversity, which, after all, exists ONLY because each race and ethnicity maintained separateness in which to develop distinctive characteristics. Take away that separateness and we will take away the diversity which the liberals pretend to value so much.

Vanishing American

It is strange that an American, representative of a race that is and was no race, because the mixture of many races,talks about losing identity, when losing traces of his race.
History unfolded differently on different continents because of differences among continental environments not because of biological differences among people.
At the end, it is an accepted truth that WE ALL have the same mother and father, being them Adam and Eve or however you want to call them...
I would talk about losing identity in a society where the ultimate goal is producing and investing money, where the human differences are reduced to the color of the skin or the "genetical behavior" which is not even genetical...
It is a good news that the colors are vanishing and mixing in one homogeneous color: the color of humankind

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Anonymous said...

Patrizia, would your friends 'of color' believe that the loss of racial identity would be a good thing? I don't know of any person 'of color' who believes as you do.

The people who were first called 'the vanishing Americans' were the American Indians. Ask them, and none of them wants their race to become part of one big blurry race, 'the race of humankind.' The same goes for other races.
Only utopian white people believe in this 'one race' idea. Nobody else does.