Thursday, November 22, 2007

How can we get rid of technology addiction?

Technology constantly fails us, yet we rely constantly upon it. If we really want to be green, we need to use smart technology, start using bio-mimicry, and stop with this wasteful lifestyle. We need to start analyzing the effects of our technology on us an the environment. Now, what precipitated this though? Many small things, but the triggering was the destruction of my own hardware today…

My wireless mouse stopped working today. I switched the batteries, restarted the computer, and took it apart. It just won’t start working! I can’t seem to find any cheap wireless mice that are decent, I guess you really do get what you pay for, my wireless mouse + keyboard costing only 20$ total…Refurbished.

That, however, is not the only hardware failure in my life. My hard drive is starting to hum, I can only think that it is slowly dying, and quickly copied my digital pictures to another hard drive just in case… It is not surprising, however. My hard drive is used vigorously, it is constantly being used and abused. It looks like i will have to fork out another few hundred dollars, after I do some confirming tests.

This also makes me wonder, how much technology do we really need? Do I really need 2 telephones in my room?!? It is probably safer to use a non-portable phone anyways, right? Besides, I barely use the phone, and when I do, i either pace or sit on my bed. I think I am going to disconnect one phone and put it in my tech-bin, where I keep all my extras. Just one more step to help the environment and de-clutter my room.

This is all great and all, but I am still watching tv on my computer while I type this on my laptop in bed. I still have a ways to go.


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