Friday, November 23, 2007

Energy Development: an unavoidable possibility

An energy company intends to spend $1.4 billion constructing a new synfuels plant and coal mine in southwestern North Dakota, state and industry officials say.

Chuck Kerr, chief executive officer of Great Northern Power Development LP, said Tuesday there was an 80 percent chance the project would be built. If it is, the synfuels plant and a nearby coal mine will provide about 200 permanent jobs, Kerr said.

The plant and lignite mine will be near South Heart, west of Dickinson in western Stark County, officials said. Kerr said the company wants to begin construction in late 2009, and begin operating in 2012.

That's $1.8 billion, with a B. The amount of investment to develop new domestic energy resources is mind-boggling, a testimony to the years of planning, advanced technology -- especially for coal conversion -- and engineering and physical plant that are necessary.

It pays off because America needs the energy.
BISMARCK, ND (2007-11-22) The North Dakota Public Service Commission has granted the TransCanada pipeline company a certificate of public convenience and necessity. That means the PSC has determined that the proposed pipeline -- which will carry Canadian crude through eastern North Dakota -- would be in the public interest, and the company would have the financial means of building it.

One of the arguments for the pipeline is to reduce US dependence on overseas oil.

"When you look at where this country gets its crude oil from, in large part, it's from some very scary neighborhhods in the world," said Commissioner Tony Clark.

Commissioner Kevin Cramer agreed.

"The growing demand for petroleum products is a reality," said Cramer. "This is a much safer and friendlier supply."

You wish other regulators and policymakers would realize the same thing.

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