Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is real education

In my honest opinion, the ability to understand, i.e. to communicate effectively through various means, is the most important element in problem solving, above that of knowledge. Knowledge can become obsolete and humans cannot remember for long periods of time. The ability to recall these memory by revising their textbooks and updating themselves with the current literatures is by far the most important ability.

Many scholars are inhibited in making good recommendations due to the lack of materials but by making these materials available through the internet, and learning how to master the art of searching for information through the internet, many more scholars will be able to contribute towards solving the world’s problems.

Ir. Hj. Othman Bin Hj. Ahmad

In principle the best thing you can learn in school is: where to find the informations you need for your job, how to understand them, how to use them.

Culture, especially technological, is soon obsolete, since everything changes in very little time.
Thus, the perfect worker is the one who can use the latest technology with the least waste of time.
That is: since you cannot go to school all your life, you use what you learned to add the things that you need.
"Cambridge University Engineering Schools’ Curriculum, do not specialize their subjects until the final year. Unlike most standard Universities. It means that they may not be knowledgeable at a specific technology, but they are well equipped to critically analyze and learn any new technologies." That's it.

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