Friday, November 23, 2007

How to brainwash people in 23 steps

“till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestions!“
- Aldous Huxley,

1. The key to truly effective brainwashing is to work at people’s most fundamental awareness. Shape them at the neurological level so they develop the faculties to take your input and call it “thinking for myself.” Enable them to stop thinking.

2. Limit any and all faculties for self-awareness and self-sensing. Destroy instinct and intuition. Actively and endlessly encourage external awareness. Make people dependent on your external input for as many decisions as possible.

3. Speed up messages so that the pace and rhythm of information is disorienting and visually biased.

4. Condition people to being bombarded with hundreds of thousands of signals a day. Teach them to attend to this stream of information and to call it Reality. Never let them ask what “reality” is.

5. Framing is everything. Decide what you want people to believe and make sure that any choices you give them are within a framework which assures you of your result. This is called the Illusion of Choice. “Do you want to sweep the floor before or after dinner?” Repeat this formula for economic systems, politicians, news stories, competing product brands and entertainment.

6. Appeal to the lowest common denominator. Make sure that all shows model conflict resolution of people with an emotional and intellectual maturity no greater than that of a six year old. Make it funny so no one notices.

7. Keep people passive. Encourage the Couch Potato Alpha Wave Escape Plan as the healing elixir for all that ails.

8. Don’t make people think. Their days are hard enough as is. Bypass the need for opinion making by giving people ready-made opinions. Do it as though you don’t have a conscience – they are probably too stupid to make their own decisions anyway.

9. Ensure that there are no ongoing storylines with meaning or purpose beyond immediate sensory stimulation. Avoid universal themes as much as possible. Make absolutely certain there is no cultural, societal or global story or mythology present that conflicts with the myths of comfort and consumption.

10. Never encourage responsibility, or so much as suggest that humans could be involved in co-creating their future and the realities in which they reside.

11. Encourage group-sanctioned individuality only. By making ‘individuality” the new conformity you are generating a powerful illusion of free choice.

12. Sensationalize the superficial.

13. Keep information bytes infinitesimally small. Promote Attention Deficit Disorder. Several decades of television have already set this in motion.

14. Repetition is key. Repeat important messages as often as possible.

15. Repetition is key.

16. Repetition is key.

17. Bypass rationality by any means possible. People don’t need logic to accept information. Belief is emotional. Always remember: WAR=PEACE.

18. Remember –- two half-truths make up a whole truth.

19. Demonize self-knowledge technology of all kinds. Throw around words like “cult” and “brainwashing.” Marginalize anyone involved in such pursuits.

20. Keep old models of consciousness alive and well. If you can get away with referring to people’s states as being phlegmatic or sanguine instead of programmable and intentional, do it.

21. Keep people’s attention on what really matters. Emphasize what’s wrong as much as possible.

22. Always give the impression that Everything Is Under Control – but just barely so – hammer into the populace the idea that their greatest fear could strike at any moment.

23. Teach people that they are their thoughts and emotions. Reinforce this by teaching them to feel bad about their ideas, and to feel bad about feeling bad. Remember: Identify, identify, identify –- this will widen the empty void inside of them that only shopping can cure.

By sticking to these simple premises you should be able to produce entire societies capable of ending world hunger, but too selfish to care. You will be able to bring about massive consumer mindsets and buying habits so powerful that logic and reason become superfluous in making the sale. You will be the new face of media. Good luck!

Devon White specializes in PR for the brain, promoting integrity, responsibility and conscious evolution through online video and lecture-performances on sex.

As a trained hypnotist, video podcaster, writer and teacher, he supports broadcasting which goes beyond simple stimulus-response conditioning to engage the intentional, participatory and evolutionary functions of the brain. In other words – he thinks it’s really cool if you know how your brain works and use it to participate in the co-creation of your world. But he’s not a brain-centrist–he’s all about the body.


Anonymous said...

I did a google search for "how to brainwash people and make them your slaves" and this came up. Thank you for the very helpful advice! You don't want to buy some sugar water do you? it will make the pain of self righteous indignation just float away in a sea of bubbly goodness.

Anonymous said...

This is the true learning's of Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

The how stuff works article is much better, and is actually based off research:

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that its right in front of their eyes, and they cant see past their t.v.'s

Anonymous said...

To be honest if i were to brainwash some1 into believing my intentions, I would follow much of your rules although i would change a few and emphasis on others. To get what i want at school when it comes to certain clicks i will firstly talk to my freinds and get them to get into my line of thought by planting an idea into their head. And to to the targeted person and start seeing what they will give for me to use to my advantage. therefor i would then plant ideas that make the 'person' feel and think the was i want them to without them even knowing. for instance i might say 'wow is it me or are your friends being a little distant is everything OK?'
when i was doing this i would ave my friends around that would reinforce my ideas and let them discuss it as i phase out of the conversation therefore not getting blamed. By doing this i can instigate a fight, argument, friendships and also have a tendency of getting people to like people they never would have thought of. tho i only just realized how to use my ability to persuade to my benefit.

Anonymous said...

"Keep old models of consciousness alive and well. If you can get away with referring to people’s states as being phlegmatic or sanguine instead of programmable and intentional, do it."

I enjoyed this post, but I don't get this point at all - sounds too intellectual for the average brainwashee.

Master Brainwasher said...

As a manipulation teacher I can honestly say that you do know what you are talking about. Your tips were spot on.

Anonymous said...

That is unreal. All the reasons I hate large companies, I feel betrayed by the world and I feel like the human race is being raped. This truly puts into words what's wrong with us.

Anonymous said...

Definitely true. Daily brainwash of the common people,as things are displayed from one angle no opportunity for alternative. Find out about islam "wow wow" see they got you there< find out from real sources and its genuine history. Quran.

Anonymous said...

its easier than what this list entails. kill them if they do not obey. fear=stupidity and rapidly unconceptive behavior. if they fear you they follow you.

Anonymous said...

"To be honest if i were to brainwash some1 into believing my intentions, I would follow much of your rules although i would change a few and emphasis on others..." You sound like a queen bee. Doesn't it ever get annoying to have a bunch of straight A students that are still controllable airheads around you? I mean, it's nice to have a bunch of those at hand, but I've always wondered how girls who are obviously so clever can stand talking about shoes all day with no itellectual conversation.
"its easier than what this list entails. kill them if they do not obey. fear=stupidity and rapidly unconceptive behavior. if they fear you they follow you."
No, no, and no. You have it all wrong. Rulers have been trying to take that easy way out for centuries, and it never works. People can be afraid for a long time, but one day, there will always be someone who speaks out. And as they say in Newsies "Sometimes all it takes is a voice. Then it becomes a hundred. And then a thousand." There's a million of them and one of you. When they realize that, well,, let's just say it didn't end well for most of the kings we learn about in history. What you gotta do is not repress the power of the people, but make them think that they don't have or need it. You obviously do not think things through, and it will end in your -or at least your decendents'- demise.
As for me, ever since I was little, I could tell that I was one of those different people. One of those people that always end up a queen bee or an outcast, a hero or villain. I always figured I'd be a hero, but considering I actually looked this up, read it all, went through the comments, and considered using it, I'm getting a bit worried. I just feel like I know what's right and what's wrong, and I wish people would agree with me when I tell them. I'm in high school now, and, being around all this unethical...ness (?), it's making me insane. I have to say, if I could rid the world of evil just by taking away their freedom, I'd do it in a heartbeat! Of course, without freedom, there is injustice, and with injustice, there is badness and evil, making the very thing that keeps out evil, evil itself, meaning it has to be destroyed and - oh! My brain hurts. Now I know how all those crazy computers feel when they are tricked into destroying themselves. said...

Well, if you read it is written: how to brainwash and NOT how I want to brainwash...
How to doesn´t mean EVERYBODY is brainwashable or that this is the right way...
Talking about freedom, the more I live the less I believe we have real freedom.
The moment your thoughts depend on a physical brain and that brain needs food to produce thoughts, I guess freedom is NOT so unlimited...
Injustice has more to do with justice than with freedom and evil, I am sorry to say, is a part of life, as all the opposites are.
How can there be beauty if not compared to ugliness, good if not compared to bad.

Roommate said...

Sounds EXACTLY like all these TV commercials.

Anonymous said...

You can only be brainwashed and properly if you are extremely stupid and naive. Sadly 75% of society is already getting there. Sad but true....

Anonymous said...

our world is just evil. it makes me realise how blind some people are and dont even realise that the are basicly being raped by the greedy corporations. I dont want to live in this world anymore after reading this.

Anonymous said...

I'd brainwash a gorilla to fuck Patriza in the ass, stupid bitch.

area codes said...

Everyone loves where they are from. Was it brainwashing that caused this area in the mind to rep it?

Prince Samuels said...

Great article. My friend saw and told me to read and I did not regret after reading this. Know how people think will help in a society of skeptics. it helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

is there also any other guy whose page reloading and stop reloading occurs like a loop?

torres said...

Agree..the need to brainwash comes from a desire to control which stems from fear of abandonment / rejection and deep held insecurity. These people need help.. Ghandi didn't brainwash and yet thousands believed and still do in his philosophy of life.

The courage and the wisdom to believe that we are on this earth to be kind will always shape and form the majority.

Whomever believes in this rubbish has already been brainwashed by the simple fact they believe what they are reading is true.

Hitler used brainwashing to manipulate a majority ... If you really want to brainwash perhaps you should take out of his book.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I recently left a relationship and most of these tactics were applied. The isolation he used actually worked against him. He did not fully know the true me. When he isolated it gave me the oppurtunity to develop myself. In the back of my mind I knew something was going on, I went along with it, I had no choice. My family was as messed as he was. My greatest weapon were my kids. Our two sons were the best resource, I learned who my abuser was deep inside, an unloved scared little boy.
I'm thankful I was patient. It's not that these tactics didn't work but my will to live and raise my kids as good humans was stronger. I'm on my own now with the kids and will be finishing the second part of education. Faith in anything is the key. Keeping a secret plan for yourself helps a lot or a dream you want to fulfill. Don't count on family, you have do it yourself. My family gave me to this man, when I wanted to leave they told me there was nothing wrong, he provides well for you. All you have is yourself and then good people come in your life. I couldn't see good people, I didn't know what they looked like.

Anonymous said...

Just like the pie eyed piper. Leading rats into the streets. All of them swaying to his symphony of destruction.

Anonymous said...

It was the Pied Piper,not the pie eyed piper.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like i need a good brainwash