Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ebooks: a solution to a culture need

"The fundamental issue here is that people don't adopt new technologies — especially ones that cost hundreds of dollars — unless they provide compelling advantages over the products already on the market. Merely achieving parity with paper books (and it's not clear they've even achieved that) isn't going to cut it, because people don't like to change their established routine. For e-books to catch on, then, they have to be better than paper in a really compelling way. So far, nobody has figured out how to make e-books do something really useful that they can't do with the paper books and laptops they already have."

Tim Lee

" So far nobody has figured out how to make e-books do something really useful..."
What about price?
What about availability?
What about a full Library in one CD instead of huge bookshelves?
What about fast and easy search?
What about animation in children's books?
What about costless ink and High definition pictures and movies?
What about culture at no price?
When they invented the printed book (in the place of the manual written one)culture was available and affordable to almost all.
With eBooks it WILL. And that is the only Future: affordable Education.
I have a website: with free eBooks and a LOT of Audio eBooks.
You can read and listen to the story. It is wonderful for people who want to learn a language.
What was lacking was an eBook reader, because the computer is not the best medium.(I mean, it is nicer to sit on an armchair than in front of a computer screen)

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