Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where have you gone America?

America began with most people thinking of themselves as good, worthy, excited about their future opportunities ahead, and saw others as equally good and excited. They had little choice, raised in a pioneer setting. They created, invented, pursued their ideas and dreams, and built great communities reflecting effort and accomplishments and resulting prosperity never known elsewhere.

They left the few, who thought of themselves as a noble minority and their growing followers, behind in their dust. The nation grew from the efforts and ingenuity of the healthy ones who, for the most part, became prosperous through individual freedom. These people, the shakers and not the takers, built America.

The politicians have cornered that part of society who sees themselves as less worthy, prompted to envy the successes of others. Those who believe themselves superior, the modern American liberals, lead and feed their anger as they seek to change America to suit their beliefs and devour the Goose that lays the golden eggs. The Press, Hollywood, Television and the schools have worked hard to support these liberal views. Goodnight, America.

Liberally taken by Clay Barham

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