Friday, November 23, 2007

A new bathroom

There is a moment in your life when you decide that your environment has to be changed.
That is usually when you inherit or earn or win little bit of money and want to live in a better home.
That happens to me once in a while, with the difference that I feel the need also without inheritance or earning or winning.
I just feel better if I live in a more colored and comfortable house.
Besides, there are things that you HAVE to change once in a while for better efficiency, like windows or heating system or water appliances.
For example if you want to give a new look to your bathroom, you do not need to change tiles or other expensive thing.(I hate all what involves bricklayers).
Not that plumbers are much cheaper, but, at least they do not make noise and dust.
So what to change?
One thing that gives a dramatic look to your bathroom are the taps.
What about some Designer Taps?
Some with what they call "Minimalist" shape?
And the modern one have also the advantage to be easily kept clean and shining...
Another thing easy to change and not too expensive (if you buy it online and you know where to buy)is the bathroom furniture.
I personally love the traditional furniture, but with this you need another kind of taps.
If you have a small bathroom and a very modern house, one that would perfectly fit the "minimalist" taps is a glass Basin Furniture.
Simple, elegant and simply gorgeous.
A touch of class in an often neglected room...

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