Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Recycling old Cell Phones

Next time you throw an old mobile phone away, spare a thought for the engineers at Hokuto System in Japan, who have recycled their old handsets to make fully functional computers.

The result of their labours is a simple PC on a business-card-sized circuit board that they’ve dubbed the DVIEW and it is about to go on sale in Japan for an unspecified price.

Hokuto is currently taking pre-orders at prices determined by the volume needed and any customisation, such as support from external storage, USB and Wi-Fi. It expects its main customers to be shops keen to use cheap point-of-sale displays that are self-contained.

Other possibilities for the micro PC include acting as a home-control computer that handles lighting, security and thermostats or as a simple PDA-like electronic guidebook for museums.

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