Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is technology addictive?

Do you wax philosophical about how computer technology has taken over your life? Has it become au courant and commonplace in your life to spend 17 hours a day online? If so, you are not alone. Meet the latest female Japanese YouTube celebrity. She’s cute (of course), she has great fashion sense (of course) and she’s performing some kind of commentary on the interconnectedness of technology and humans.

Her name is Yuka Ritty , grad-school student and performer, and she’s obsessed with her Mac (aren’t we all?). Apparently, she goes everywhere with her beloved MacBook Pro and hauls along a sackful of props with her on her journey to spread the word. I can make out the word “Mac” here and there in her high-pitched lyrical serenade. Press play on this video and see her sweet, modest song and dance entitled “Elevator”.

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