Monday, November 19, 2007

Something I care a lot about: Gas and Oil price...

Mr. Michael D. I disagree with you.
I care and I live in Europe.
And in Europe they do not care about angry people.
If they did, gas price would be lower...
I think you are lucky to live in a country where they still care about people and not only about money...

"What should we do about rising gas prices?

How about nothing? Let them go higher and higher. Don’t get me wrong, I hate $3 a gallon as much as the next person and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to make mass transit work for me now that my office is farther north of Atlanta, so it’s costing me about $60 a week. But guess what? People are getting pissed off about the price of gas, and that’s a great thing because it’s the only way change will happen. New technologies don’t matter to most people when they’re paying a comfortable price for what they already have, but now that gas consumption is really starting to hurt people where it matters – in the wallet – and things are going to start happening.

When I moved to Atlanta 8 years ago, gas was 89¢ a gallon. 89¢!! Nobody discussed hydrogen, fuel cells, electric cars, hybrids, nuclear energy (except in a bad way), and other options. Now I hear it all the time. Politicians are listening. Corporate America is listening. America wants something that ain’t gonna cost them $3.00 a gallon and they’re gonna get it. It’s just a matter of time. That time would be a lot farther down the road if gas was back to a buck a gallon. Let it rise. Let people get angrier. It’s the only thing that ever works."
Michael D.

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