Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A simple antivirus software is not enough anymore

The never ending fight between evil and good has its main theatre in the Internet.
As much as virtual life is getting as important and even more important than real life (most of Bank transactions are taking place online) the bad guys are improving more quickly than the good guys.
The so-called malware very fast takes over a PC and then uses that computer to spread more malware to other machines exponentially. The goals to reach the victim use any possible way.

That is why it is a must for every internet user to have the right anti virus protection.
One of the latest features is the "Comprehensive Security" which is a complete security package that silently works in the background to protect your data.
But an antivirus software is not enough.
You also need a goodanti spyware and the best antimalware you can find on the Market.
Botnets that distribute malware like worms are still relatively invisible to many commercial antivirus softwares.
“The criminals have gone upmarket, and they’re organized and international because there is real money to be made.”
We have even come to the fight among malwares on the same computer.
"Malware programs now infect computers and then routinely use their own antivirus capabilities to not only disable antivirus software but also remove competing malware programs."
The cyber-criminals appear to be at least as technically advanced as the most sophisticated software companies. And they are faster and more flexible.
This is getting a very tough war, as long as the malware gets into your machine faster than the update to detect it, the bad guys win.
It is essential to have Frequent Updates, since it only takes minutes for virii to spread, but it only takes seconds for you to be protected.
So, a simple antivirus program is not enough anymore, you must choose the right package to protect your data.

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