Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The price of freedom

"The Internet’s original designers never foresaw that the academic and military research network they created would one day bear the burden of carrying all the world’s communications and commerce. There was no one central control point and its designers wanted to make it possible for every network to exchange data with every other network. Little attention was given to security. Since then, there have been immense efforts to bolt on security, to little effect. "

"The idea is to build a new Internet with improved security and the capabilities to support a new generation of not-yet-invented Internet applications, as well as to do some things the current Internet does poorly — such as supporting mobile users."

"Like the existing Internet, the new network will almost certainly have no one central point of control and no one organization will run it. It is most likely to emerge as new hardware and software are built in to the router computers that run today’s network and are adopted as Internet standards."

"But the real limits to computer security may lie in human nature..."
As we say in Italy: "fatta la legge gabbato lo santo".

If one or many brains invent something, you can bet one or many will be able to dsetroy it, at least sooner or later...
There is nothing man´s made that cannot be man´s destroyed...
The first thing you should fight is anonimity.
But then where is freedom and privacy?
"One idea, for example, would be to require the equivalent of drivers’ licenses to permit someone to connect to a public computer network. But that runs against the deeply held libertarian ethos of the Internet."

My question is: is it the freedom´s price too high?

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