Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reading History

Once more: Historia Magistra Vitae.

If we have a close look at history and see it as humanity’s life, we can see how we have periodical cycles, where we have periods of prosperity and high civilization, followed by periods of "frauds, swindles, sociopathic trusts, and predatory corporations preying on people trying desperately to make an honest living".
The last ALWAYS ended with a bloody revolution or war so that "freedom" "democracy" "human rights" were again declared as essential for human’s life.
Then these feelings get paler and become just mere words, without any meaning.
It is at this point that we have a new "revolution".
In a few words, the world is made by good people, bad people and a majority of "plain" people.
It takes some time before the "plains" see the "wrong", but when they do, that is the end.
Then, when prosperity, democracy, freedom are back, they just relax and become again the majority of "plains" they used to be.
Dante called them "ignavi" and very little has changed since then.
History is a teacher, because man will never change.

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