Friday, July 31, 2009

What went and is wrong easily explained

The certain thing most of us understand is that the actual situation IS NOT what we would like it to be.
What happened?
In a few, easy, understandable words:

The top 1% now owns some 2/3 of the world's entire productive wealth.
And they surely want AT LEAST going on owning it.
May be even more.
There is no end to human’s greediness.

As profits rise (from rising productivity) then the profits flow not to wages (which remain flat to down 1975-2009 for all but the top 10% upper-caste professional class) but to those who own the capital.

That explains why most of us (99%) earns less and pays more.

The advert/media-driven desire ( fed from the people who profit from it) to borrow to fund the "good life" is hugely profitable to the money-center and investment banks, which expand rapidly into mortgage securitization, derivatives and consumer credit to the point that they come to dominate corporate profits.
While the Plutocracy and State functionaries benefitted (via stupendous capital gains for the former and vastly richer pension promises for the latter), the private-sector middle class is in essence the bag-holder: when the newfound 'wealth" in housing and stock market gains vanish, it is the middle class wealth which is destroyed en masse.

That explains the financial crisis we are living.

What to do?

The worst is going on this disastrous road believing in a possible "recovery".
That is exactly what the "1%" wants us to believe in the hope that the current situation can go on a little longer.
To some of us keeping the Status Quo could look like protecting our careers, income and status.
It would just give to the 1% the chance to go on granting great wealth and control of productive assets; political influence flows from that.

In a "democratic" country people have the huge power of voting, to stop ANY situation like this.
That is why media propaganda is so brainwashing and owning media and TV has got so important. (in Italy we have a clear example of the power of media, which are concentrated in the hands of a few)
Another weapon in the hands of the few is education.
This is the subtle way to create semi "slaves" easily brainwashable.
The "American dream" has been largely used for this purpose.

My conclusion.
History teaches that everything begins, has a pick and ends.
Following human nature, man is a vicious creature.
He wants more and more.
There is no end to greediness.
But there is an end to "slavery".
When people have an empty stomach the brain begins to work better.
It is the "survival instinct".

Yes, in the end, life IS democratic.
Because the moment you are born, a survival fighter is born in you.
Whoever is in your road deserves to be fought and won.
No matter how powerful he is...

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