Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Light is everything

My eyes need light, my all being needs light, the more the better.
I have a colorful house and everybody likes it, but the colors are bright and warm because my house gets a lot of light.

And in the night?
I love warm lights. I hate the artificial, Neon or LED lights.
It is true, you can save on electricity, but everything looks different.
A warm, classic light is what MAKES a room, believe me.
If well chosen and well positioned it gives charm and style to any room.
I am a fanatic of home decoration, I spend more on decorating my home than myself.
I have a house who doesn't look its age, while my face and body do...
But I love to live in a comfortable and cozy place.
I feel good surrounded by nice and pleasant things.
Nice colors, nice furniture.
But, as I said, after many years, I found out that the right light makes a huge difference.
It gives the right shadows to the right spots...
And for the outside?
Well, in that case may be something like Kichler Landscape Lighting is the best choice.
Because it can effectively light a big space with the minimum cost.
Which is very important if we talk of a big garden...
Besides it also looks nice, because you almost do not see it.
It matches any kind of garden.
Talking about useful lights, if you live in a warm place and you want to save, having light and a cool space, minka aire concept II is what you are looking for.
There are a lot of different models and you can choose the one that best fits your room.
Outdoor Fans with Lights are perfect for a patio.
I personally like the Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, but you can have up to 50 different models (and different prices).
The nice part of it is that it is so simple to have them, just going on the Net, choosing, ordering (and of course paying) and voila´, a brand new, bright, light is at your service!

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