Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Killer application

If the new system, Wolfram Alpha keeps its promises, it certainly will change the Internet forever.
The biggest repercussion would be that a giant like Google will not be a giant anymore.
This is the power of the Interne: you are king today and tomorrow nobody remembers you.
Wolfram Alpha will not only give a straight answer to questions, it will begin a conversation.
The right answer would already be a miracle. How many times we search for one thing and we find a complete different one? (which sometimes it is even not too bad, if you have some time to spare, you might be involved in a world you didn’t even know existed...)
"The real innovation, however, is in its ability to work things out "on the fly", according to its British inventor, Dr Stephen Wolfram. If you ask it to compare the height of Mount Everest to the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, it will tell you. Or ask what the weather was like in London on the day John F Kennedy was assassinated, it will cross-check and provide the answer. Ask it about D sharp major, it will play the scale. Type in "10 flips for four heads" and it will guess that you need to know the probability of coin-tossing. If you want to know when the next solar eclipse over Chicago is, or the exact current location of the International Space Station, it can work it out."

This is even too much for me.
I am the average internet user.
I just would like that if I look for the nearest pizzeria it won’t bring me to New York...that is still too expensive for a daily meal...

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