Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Internet is like a car...

All the excitement in the internet world now can be summarised in 4 Cs:

• Content (Micro chunking. tagging)
• Connectivity (Communication, Mobility, RSS, Voip)
• Community (Collaboration, smart mobs, user generated content)
• Commerce (platform providers, Craigslist)

Content first because “Content is the King"

Next comes technology, "Connectivity" which is the way (enabler)

Community, according to me, the passengers. The costs & tools to create content have come down. All you need to make your own audio, photo or video can be done on your phone on the go! you can edit and share them right from your phones.

Commerce is like a spark.
Internet is a Car. Content the driver. Connectivity is the road. Community the passengers. And Finally Commerce the spark!

Do not forget the engine.
That is Copying.
Copying Copyrighted material.
What would all those terrabytes be for, if people wouldn´t be allowed to download illegal downloads?

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