Friday, July 17, 2009

Monopolies are becoming anachronistic

"Moreover, what makes the “copyright war” in\intrinsically foolish, much like the ones on alcohol or drugs, is that there is no way to achieve victory. Technology will always win in the end and it’s time copyright holders and govt realized this.

So what’s Lessig’s advice?

“Congress should move on to the task of remaking the copyright system in order to make sense of digital technologies, not fight them.”

It is not only technology, it is the number.
When a "crime" is committed by a few it is a crime, when is is committed by millions becomes a new "habit".
It is not punishing a few with huge fines that they will win against it.
The only way out is the natural lowering of profits that in my view are often immoral, and looking for another way to produce revenues.
Monopolies are becoming anachronistic in a global world, also because they cannot produce revenues for long.
If the Mass doesn’t earn enough to pay for what it consumes, how to make profits?

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