Thursday, July 02, 2009

They would cry bitter tears seeing it

Where have you gone, hope, freedom, dream of a better future, the promised land?
America has become the land of deception.
The United States is the by far the #1 arms dealer in the world, and so much of America's dominance in geopolitics is linked to the selling of arms and related contracts and services.
Drugs and associated money laundering is a key part of the economy and the operations of Wall Street.
The war in the Middle East is reduced to a matter of gas stealing.
Invading countries with oil will just disrupt oil’s supply.
Global warming and climate change, Peak Oil and decline, desertification, corruption, decline of the global economy...and if you know something worse it certainly belongs to it.

I still have a book, which was the present of an old aunt from California.
America’s History land.
I spent many days of my childhood first looking at the pictures and then (when I learned the language) reading it.
My eyes and my soul were full of admiration and pride because my father’s family "made it".
They were amongst the California’s pioneers.

Today California is officially bankruptcy.
It is good all my ancestors died long ago.
They would cry bitter tears seeing it.

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