Wednesday, July 08, 2009

IDrive: the king of Back up

Who doesn’t know about all the risks your data on your Hard drives face every day ?
We all know we should do a regular backup, but there is always a reason not to do one.
One of the reasons is the pain of storing the files onto a DVD or an external tape drive (if you own one).

Without even considering the necessary task to see where all these files are located.

Finally, here is what can offer the very best solution to do an easy and fast back up without the hassle of being an accountant:

A service which handles these tasks in an easy and affordable way.

IDrive Online Backup has all the tools and capacity to help us out with our backup problems.

It is easy to backup our SQL or Oracle databases, the exchange server data as well as all of our web sites with a simple mouse click.

And there is no worry about security as all data is encrypted during all transmissions.

The services of IDrive Online Backup do not stop here, because we also can store and access all of our shared data ( web folders, multimedia files, photos, Music, Video ) on their servers without the necessary IT infrastructure in-house here.

You can handle all your data as you are used off – just with Drag-n-drop.

There is also an efficient management tool, which allows you to specify, which files are accessible, shared, locked, searchable etc.

All these facts make me finally sleep at night because I know that what I did the day before is stored and safe.
But if you still want to store your data on an external device?
Also for this you have a solution: the thinnest and lightest portable USB Drive ever in its class.
And if you happen to be a fanatic of iPhone?
You can also backup, restore and share all your contacts from /to iPhone.

And last, but not least, you get an excellent, speedy service at a fraction of the cost!

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