Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why would a broadcaster choose Streaming on IP?

Well, it is partially true. Downloading and, later looking at it, has advantages.
You can begin and stop when you decide, you can store and see it again.
That is why the invention of VCR was so profitable.
VOD they call it.
You decide to look at something, just download it and look at it.
At any hour at any day.

But what's the cost?
Not cheap certainly, unless you talk about P2P.
That is cheap (not as much as it looks, because if you consider the time to search and to download you find out that it gets expensive)but it is ILLEGAL.
It's like a Chinese copy of Prada or Chanel or Rolex, very much like the original at a 100th of the price.
Too bad you are not allowed to buy it.

It would be nice if it was free, just like the free TV.
Free is what makes everythign widespread.
But then, you have to pay looking a the commercial...
And commercials are what made TV what it is.
Somebody could object about quality and I could agree, but here I am discussing about popularity and availability.
I guess commercials is a good reason for a broadcaster to choose streaming instead of downloading...may be even with DRM so that people cannot record it and play it later without commercials.

But another reason, that would decide a broadcaster to choose streaming on IP instead of the usual TV is that he could finally make the REAL interactive TV.
That is going to be the killing feature of IPTV.
Tha is going to make it UNIQUE and unbeatable, the first choice of the consumers.
It opens doors I am thrilled thinking of.
A door to the Virtual World, to our second virtual life, a mixture of Video, TV, Video Games, Blogs, Vlogs and whatever you like, all mixed together as YOU PLEASE (or better, as the customer pleases...)

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