Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What I learn from...

...(and, um, don’t forget to fill in the blank) Middle Zone Musing

I do not forget, but I won't do it, because it would be such a long list, my writing laziness wouldn't be able to write all.
I will begin with an example.
I learned HTML the same way I learned Geometry.
I learned Geometry copying Pitagora's theorems and I learned HTML copying from people who were much better than me.
The first page was 90% a copy.

The 10% original was the colors, I had just learned what I needed to change them.
Then I learned how to change the words and then the rest.
At the end I was able to write an original page.
Which in one sense wasn't original at all.
I put the content, somebody else put the way to express the content.

Every word I read, every picture I see, every color I like changes a little bit the way I work and live.
Permanent learning, permanent changing.
Every minute of my life changes what I do and of course what I am.
So much that looking at myself and at what I did some years ago, I scarcely believe that the girl I see was the woman I am.
I cannot say there was something special that radically changed me, I can say there were many small details, some of which I wasn't even aware of, that changed the way I am, the way I look, the way I think, the way I live.
But one thing never changed and will never change: the fact that I will go on changing as long as I live.
An original sound can produce an echo, while an echo doesn't produce an original sound, but many original echoes...

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Robert Hruzek said...

Patrizia, this is a great comment about how many small changes can add up to a very large change! Thanks for participating in this month's project - won't you join us again? :-)