Saturday, September 22, 2007

What I call communication

I love discussions and I love arguments.
I love to be involved in the conversation and I love other people to be involved too.
I personally do not like too much people who 100% agree with me.
That means just one answer: Thanks. Period.

I like when somebody is provocative, when he has something different to say.
I like to fight, with words of course.
I feel like I always have something to learn.
Especially from the people who do not think as I do.
And I like to say: probably you are right, seeing from your point of view, yes it looks different.
Because that is the moment I learn something.
It is discussing and reading and commenting and understanding that your mind gets wider.
And in this the Internet is fabulous.
Because you meet if not everybody at least most of them.
The Pleasants and the Unpleasants.
And it is from a defeat that you learn, not winning.
Also with words.

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