Monday, September 03, 2007

Can you learn talent?

"There are only three kinds of people in the world:

a). Those that are continual learners.
b). Those who are not
c). Those who don’t care about learning."

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"It’s one thing to have talent and it’s quite another to know how to exploit that talent. It’s the quality of thinking that separents talented achievers from talented underachievers.
Nothing is more natural than a person’s talents. The key to being able to develop your talent is to stay natural. Don’t be a cheap copy when you can be original! "

It looks easier than what it is.
Personally I believe that a good copy is ALWAYS better than a bad original.
Of course if you are talented you also are more willing to develop your talents.
But if you are not?

Let's talk about the "normal" "average" "mediocre" guy.
Which is the majority of us.
I really do not think it so dramatically bad to be just "mediocre".
The bad in being "mediocre" is in being ashamed of being one.
I myself like to be "mediocre" and feed on somebody else's genius.
So refreshing being just "normal"...

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