Monday, September 03, 2007

The no more "accidental tourist"

Even if the average tourist doesn't realize it, many things have changed lately in the way people approach holidays.
Once a holiday place meant some place where you could have fun and meant big hotels on the beach, no respect for nature or local natural attractions.
You could have the same experience in Rimini or Acapulco or Hawaii.
Now the tourist has become more sophisticated, he wants a special holiday, he is looking for an unforgettable, unique place.
With more respect for nature and local traditions.
He wants to see and to understand and to learn.
And that is what Maui vacation homes offers.
Ecotourism: it means a vacation in harmony with local nature and culture.
It means a commercial development that doesn't destroy the environment, but follows it and, if possible, upgrades it.
Maui's condo are built as a part of the landscape, trying to have the least possible impact on the precious local land and wildlife.
The modern tourist can find there what he is looking for: an uncontaminated paradise where to relax and enjoy nature while learning uses and history of the place.
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Herman said...

Does this mean that the modern tourist is radically original in terms of his desires and aspirations? (Therefore, there being no such thing as a 'copy' tourist who goes to the same places his friends have gone to - contaminated paradises).