Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where is marketing going?

It scares me sometimes to think of it.
The image of a company or of a product has got so important to be the company or the product itself.
We are getting more and more a visual society, to the point that we do not talk with words, we talk with images.
Children are brought up with books full of nice pictures, so many that the child is not able to abstract anymore.
If I think of the books I used to read, where the written part was 99% and we had just a few low quality pictures, I understand what is happening.
Our books let us a huge space for imagination, we read and we saw.
Now they see and are not able to read.
Of course they won't be able to write.

The future generations won't be able to imagine, to dream, to see trough the lines.
They will just be passive consumers of a world planed and displayed by others.
That in our times was called "brainwashing", and today is called "the right marketing tool".
If you are not able to argue, to complain, to criticize, you are condemned to live a life full of stereotypes, the life organized and driven by some superior brains that use you to produce and consume in a never ending circle...

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