Sunday, September 09, 2007

I am not a star

Not that I wouldn't like to be one.
Everybody at least once in his life would have liked to be a star.
Especially when bills arrive.
If I was a star I wouldn't bother, I wouldn't even see them, I would have somebody to care for them...

I am just a Planet.
I live of somebody else's light.
Which sometimes proves to be quite comfortable.
The only pain you have is to choose the right star.
But if you make a mistake, don't worry.
You can always change star and begin from scratch.

Many would say I am contradicting myself.
I wrote it is better to be an original nobody than an artificial somebody.
Well, see it this way: you are still a nobody, but a nobody reflecting somebody else's light.
Still an original thing.
At least it is not easy to find another nobody that reflects like you.
In that YOU MUST be original.
The first copy of an original, otherwise you become a satellite.
The copy of the copy, the reflecting of the reflected light.

You should aim to be, as I do, a reflected image which in some ways is better than the original.
An image that has its own life, that from a copy becomes something else, better or worse it doesn't really matter.
Think of it as the Hologram of a famous painting, where the model gets almost like a living creature.
The unreal very close to reality.
What Michelangelo lacked was probably the right light and the right sound and the right show.
That is what technology can add.
And isn't it suddenly something new, something alive, something different?
Better or worse, who cares? Every generation carries with it something new, something old, something borrowed...

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