Thursday, September 27, 2007

If your dream is poker-straight, sleek hair...

If I had many reasons to envy the British for living in the UK (which I think is one of the best places in Europe to live) now I have one more.
They can purchase GHD hair sraighteners till the start of the holiday season at great new prices, with savings of up to £45 against the RRP.
What exactly is ghd?
They are ceramic plates that heat up even faster than the competition, with an audible beep that lets you know the iron is hot and ready to use.
Which I think is very important.
I have electric rollers and I never know when it is the exact time to use them.
I either burn my hair for using them or they are not warm enough.
Besides these intelligent ceramic plates know when to shut off, avoiding in this way
You can use them for hair below the ear level, but also for longer hair, providing that it is not too curly or thick (mine, too bad is not very thick...)
So, if you are looking for poker-straight, sleek hair, now you know what you have to buy.(especially if you are British...)

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