Thursday, September 27, 2007

Work kills

"A million accidents at work each year. 27.000 disabled people without a hand, a leg, three fingers. 41,000,000,000 Euro of social damage in 2006. A wonder world.
We are becoming a country of navigators, saints and cripples."
Italy is a dangerous place for those who work. "The thousand and one deaths".
4 workers a day multiplied by 300 (taking off a few feast days) correspond more or less to 1200 dead workers each year. If you survive the traffic (20 dead each day) and get to the building site you can’t complain. You’ve increased your chances of survival.
The culture of safety and hygiene in the work place is missing. This is a culture that should be taught at school and reinforced in the media with great importance.

The dead at work is a contradiction of terms. They should not exist.
There are also accidents that don’t end in death, but can cause irreversible damage. There are a million a year, a great round number. Easy to remember. I understand that Iraq is important, that Afghanistan is fundamental, that Kosovo is on the agenda. But slaughter at work, isn’t that more important? Each year we have a hundred Nassiriyas without the accompaniment of sung Masses and summit meetings. To be a good death to get into the TV and newspaper headlines and for the party secretaries, do you need to be in the military?

If the meaning of priority is: “to come first in relation to something else, the right to get precedence for urgency, importance, values or similar” , well, safety is second to NOTHING.

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