Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The modern tourist

Does this mean that the modern tourist is radically original in terms of his desires and aspirations? (Therefore, there being no such thing as a 'copy' tourist who goes to the same places his friends have gone to - contaminated paradises).

Herman Najoli

It just means that tastes have evolved and people are more critical and more simple in their tastes.
If simple means closer to nature and to respecting the natural environment.
Of course this can also have the "likeness" of a new fashion, which is what people of a certain generation follow.
The word "fashion" has a neutral meaning for me, it is just the "common taste".
And the 21st century's fashion is toward the environment, against wasting of energy and toward usage of "renewable" one.
This is probably more a need than an innate aspiration.
Man likes to consume and live the easy life.
Of course the new "fashion" is less easy to follow.
But it is more and more a need, if man wants to survive in this world.
Pollution has reached a peak that doesn't allow a healthy life anymore.
Do people know why cancer is the reason number one of death?
Or Alzheimer is the destiny towards our generation is heading?
The modern tourist is the modern man.
He has to change his tastes and choose a more "nature friendly" holiday.

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