Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thinking positive

Reading about Leonardo or Michelagelo or the many Italians who were geniuses and great one would think that it is the environment that makes the man.
I do not believe so, I think it is the environment that allows the genius to be so, if he needs it...

They say think positive and you'll get it.
I can think as positive as I can, but I still cannot get it...
I look at myself in the mirror and think: What am I?
The more I think and the less I know.
Even positive thinking.
Then I think negative and I get it: I am a nobody!
Well, it doesn't take much to be a nobody, but surely it takes a lot to admit it.
Is it better to be a genuine nobody or an artificial somebody?
In a period in which nature and natural are so popular I would answer the first.
Besides, it also has its advantages.
You can say and write whatever you want and like, nobody will care and complain.
You can go wherever you like (and can) and nobody will harass you.
In principle you have something many would like to have: you can be invisible.
Nobody hates or envies you, people usually have a friendly attitude towards the nobodies, their mere existence makes them looking like somebody...
In life you need to have somebody who is LESS than you, just to allow you to be Better.
Well, not only I am proud to be a nobody, I am also happy.
But I must be careful, if I go on having positive thoughts, may be I won't be a nobody anymore...

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