Saturday, February 09, 2008

Broadband for ALL

If you live in a rural region, where there is no DSL available, very often the only choice to have a decent and fast connection to the Internet is the Satellite.
Satellites cover big regions, big and small towns and, being wireless, offers multiple connection both in your home and office, even if they are located in different regions.
The only negative side is that, usually, the Satellite connection tends to be more expensive than the normal DSL.
Relatively cheap Satellite internet is possible because there is a website where they gather and list available discount offers and promotions, being able to deliver high speed broadband internet for rural communities at affordable prices.
For example Hughes Satellite Internet, a high speed broadband connection that is many times faster than dialup, 5 email accounts, free spam and virus filtering and 24/7 live technical support included. All that starting at $79.99 per month plus installation.
It is cheap if you consider that you can have the same for your office and your home, even though they can be in different locations.
Or you can choose WildBlue.
It actually starts at just $49.95 a month, and there are special offers such as free installation and your first month free.
You can reach a download speed of 1.5Mbps, which is 30 times as fast as dialup.

But GetISP has good offers and promotions also for Dial up, DSL Providers, Cable Internet and Wireless Internet.
Before signing up and deciding, it pays off to consider all what the Market offers and be able to choose among them, the best solution that fits your needs.

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Unknown said...

Satallite might be the best option for now. Rural dwellers might fare better after 2009 when wireless broadband networks start popping up as a result of the FCC's 700MHz auction going on now.