Thursday, February 28, 2008

Take the lead

Interesting movie.
First: if you think dancing was for sissies, may be you can change your mind.
Second: great men can use anything to teach life. Also dancing lessons. And this proves what I always knew and said: you can be a real "entertainer" and even more, if you know and love what you are supposed to teach.
"Amor che a nullo amato amar perdona" Dante's words, true almost one thousand years ago and true now.
If you really love something you can make others loving it.
Third: this could be the classic example of how commercials will be in the future.
Do you need to promote Ballroom dancing? Don't use a spot, use a movie like this.
There is no commercial product that couldn't be widespread better than entertaining people and suggesting the real value of it.
How many will suddenly realize that there is no better exercise than learning ballroom dancing?
You acquire grace, fitness, you can control and develop your muscles and more than anything: you will enjoy it...

Patrizia in The Movie Whisperer

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