Friday, February 29, 2008

The Simpson

"It's been 18 years and 400 episodes since The Simpsons first appeared on Fox, and although the idea of a film has been mooted since round about season three, it's taken until now to materialise. Yet with the TV show generally agreed to be a teensy bit past its best and a weensy bit surpassed in recent years by Family Guy, Baker wasn't all that far off the mark - this has as much potential to go wrong as a ballsed-up Beatles reunion.

Don't worry, though: unless these were literally the only 10 fun minutes out of 90, The Simpsons Movie seems as brilliant as it should be. Where the sublime South Park movie Bigger, Longer and Uncut depicted a gay affair between Saddam Hussein and Satan, Al Jean claimed last night that the theme of their movie was basically "that a man should listen to his wife".

Yet even 10 minutes were enough to tell that The Simpsons Movie riffs on global society's two biggest moral panics: religion and the environment."

We are used to the other way around.
It usually begins with a successful movie and goes on as a more or less successful TV series.
But then: who watches TV now a days?
Easier to go to the movies, better, easier to download the Movie from a P2P and watching it on your computer screen.
This is definitely the victory of the Internet over TV.
Movie on demand, or whatever you want to call it.
Everything but TV.
One thing more: the Internet and Movies Shouldn’t really be a BAD COPY of TV.

Patrizia The Movie Whisperer

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