Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Failure or success?

"Failure’s easy to achieve; all you have to do is plan for it. Here’s how:

set only low goals; then you’ll fail even if you meet them.
when you get behind schedule, revise the goals down; that’ll incent everyone not to break his or her neck trying to catch up.
revisit goals frequently; you may have accidentally set them too high.
don’t monitor progress; you might scare yourself.
form a committee to revisit the goals; that’ll protect against undue enthusiasm and deflect blame (and responsibility).
make sure you’re the first to cry “uncle”; then failure won’t be your fault.
never revise the strategy for achieving goals; it’s much easier to move the goalposts.
make sure everyone knows that you know the goals are unachievable; that’ll help assure that you’re right." Tom Evslin

Failure or success? It doesn't really matter, because the fun is in DOING, not in reaching.
Remember Wilde? Something like:
There are two terrible disater in life: One is in not being able to achieve what you want, and the second, even greater, is in actually achieving it...

He was right, but he forgot that, providing all lives are the same, you can still make YOURS...

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