Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SEO: the most important aspect of getting traffic to your site

It could take months for your site to get traffic from search engines with a brand new blog, so while you are waiting on the search engines to give you page rank and good positioning, you can be driving another avenue of traffic to your blog with social bookmarking sites and forums.

SEO is extremely important and you should always think about the level of search engine optimization you are placing into each blog post. If you properly SEO your site with good keyword phrases, and relative content then you can get a ton of traffic from the major search engines. I maintain a site for a friend of mine , and when the site started there was absolutely no traffic, but the site had been optimized for the search engines. The reasons were many - the site was brand new, linkage was poor, not a lot of indexed pages, etc. It took over 1 year for the site to take off, but it is now on the front page of all 3 search engines with most of it’s search terms, and it gets a lot of traffic without having to submit anything to social sites. With SEO what you do today you may not see the results for 3 months, so during the waiting periods you should hit every other avenue you can to drive traffic to your site.

So, yes I agree SEO Search engine optimization is the most important aspect of getting traffic to your site, but you need to use the other avenues such as forums and social bookmarks as well.

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