Thursday, February 21, 2008

What you need to be a successful business man

I am a pharmacist and I owned my store for many years.
My biggest profit was not actually in my job, it was on the sale of my business.
The secret of making a lot of money in my case was in buying a store which
was on the verge of bankruptcy, making it a successful business and selling it.
My profit was actually in transforming an unsuccessful business in a very successful one.
How did I do?
I knew how to sell, I knew how to deal with customers, I knew what to buy, and I knew when I had to lower the price and when to upgrade it.
There are millions of people who make a fortune with much less.
Never heard of "Power Sellers"?
Those are people who do not even own a store, they virtually buy and virtually sell.
And they make good profits, because they know "HOW TO SELL".
And, believe me, this is not a knowledge you are born with, this is something you can learn, with experience or with the right training.
If you have the right Sales Training, you can sell everything.
The trick is not in WHAT, but in HOW.
Some years ago I had an interesting meeting with an expert sales CEO of a very important Software and Hardware Company.

He had to sell big Mainframes and he didn't know almost anything about Computers.
He was graduated in Psychology and was very good.
You actually have "to convince" your customer that your product is good, "all the rest is just technology".
And believe me, he WAS very successful in it...

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