Friday, February 29, 2008

My favourite subject is: Good Food

What is my favourite subject?
It a three words letter: PIE
And I think I love all kinds of PIES.
From fruit to chocolate, from ice cream to cheese and I am open to any kind of suggestions.
I am so fond of them that I even like to COOK them, even if cooking comes in the last places of my habitual duties.

Let's be honest, I am not what you could declare a "born cook", but when it comes to produce what I like to eat I can become great.

Of course with a little help from the Internet and some good websites with good recipes.
Something like:, where you really find ALL what you can dream.
You just need to be able to read, to understand and of course to follow instructions and then you can really prepare masterpieces like any great cook.
This is one of the Magic of the Internet, you can easily become what you are not, you can learn, because there are million places where they teach.
So, what about "All Cookie recipes"?
Or "Chocolate history"? In case you fancy to know who had the good idea to invent something so delicious.
I guess that if the Nobel prize was given to people who really did something great to humanity, there would be much more place for the people who invented food like Chocolate or Pizza or Pies...
Well, certainly Agape Technologies understand what I mean...

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